(Cinet)- To promote local produce and highlight traditional values of the villages as well as achievements in building new style rural areas, Agricultural Products and Craft Village Fair opened on October 24 in Hanoi.
(Cinet)- The annual Hanoi Traditional Craft Village Festival themed “Convergence of Quintessence” will be organized at Quan Ngua Sports Palace from October 9 to 12, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Hanoi’s Liberation Day.
(Cinet)- Traditional brocade weaving craft of Pa Then ethnic group in northern mountain Ha Giang province is facing a risk of sinking into oblivion. Preserving their cultural values is a constant effort to maintain traditional craft in Ha Giang.
(Cinet)- Vietnam Association of Craft Villages organized the opening ceremony “Culture and Tourism Week 2014” on September 17.
(Cinet)- Dai Hoang Village's historic kite village in the northern province of Ha Nam are unique compared to the kites of other villages. The kites here have flat wings (other kites are curved) and can fly very high and maintain balance.
(Cinet)- Non Nuoc Carving Village which makes a stone carving work was recoginized as an intangible national heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on May 24.
(Cinet)- Mai Chau ethnic brocade village is known by diversified and plentiful brocading designs as a traditional handicraft village. White Thai female in Mai Chau valley weave brocade skillful with many interlacing designs and other designs in order to meet different requirements in the life.
(Cinet)- Thanh Tien paper flower village is famous for its traditional craft of making paper flowers that has gone on for about four hundred years. Artisan innovates and revives centuries old traditional vocation of making paper lotuses in a craft village in Thua Thien-Hue Province.