04/06/2012 08:11
Nominees announced for Ho Chi Minh and State awards
Musician Pham Tuyen, nominee for the Ho Chi Minh Award
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the list of nominations for the Ho Chi Minh and the State awards for Literature and the Arts.

For the music category, the nominees for the Ho Chi Minh awards were musician Pham Tuyen, late musician Mai Van Chung. Painter Nguyen Gia Tri was nominated in the fine arts category, while late People’s Artists and directors Nguyen Dinh Nghi and Duong Ngoc Duc and late People’s Artist Nguyen Xuan Kim (Sy Tien) for the Stage category.

The seven nominees in the literature category were the late writer Pham Tien Duat (Pham Lam), and writers Hoang Tich Chi, Dinh Trong Doan (Ma Van Khang), Nguyen Huu Thinh (Huu Thinh), Nguyen The Xuong (Ho Phuong), Chu Ba Binh (Do Chu) and Luong Ngoc Huy (Le Van Thao).

In addition, 27 musical, 14 cinematographic, five architectural, five choreographic, 16 fine art, two photographic, 16 theatrical, 38 literary and seven folklore works were put up for the State awards.

The State Council also submitted a list of 74 nominees for the People’s Artist title, and 356 nominees for the Meritorious Artist title, subject to the Prime Minister and the State President’s approval. The artists work covers a wide range, including music, cinematography, theatre, choreography, radio and television.

The winners of the Ho Chi Minh Award will receive VND200 million (USD9.587), while the winners of the State Awards are given VND120 million (USD5.752) each.

Source: Dantri

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