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Decision No. 01/2007/QD-BVHTTDL

  • No: No. 01/2007/QD-BVHTTD
  • Issuing date: 08/27/2007
  • Category: Decision
  • Subject: Decision No. 01/2007/QD-BVHTTDL dated 27th August 2007 ranking national vestiges


Based on Decree No. 01/2007/QH12 dated 31st July 2007 made by the National Assembly of Session XII on organisational structure of the Government and Deputy Minister of Session XII Based on Cultural Heritage Law and Decree No. 92/2002/ND-CP dated 11th November 2002 issued by the Government on specific regulations for enforcing some articles in the Cultural Heritage Law

Approving Official document No. 44/UBND-VX dated 5th January 2007 issued by Da Nang People’s Committee and vestige files

Approving recommendations of Director of Office of Culture and Information


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