Deploying the tasks of national culture in 2008

January 16, 2008          1680 views

(Cinet)- January 9th, the Department of National Culture ( Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) held a ceremony of summarizing the national culture tasks in 2007 and deployed the tasks of 2008. Attending the ceremony, vice minister Huynh Vinh Ai spoke to direct the implementation of the plan.

In 2007, the Department of National Culture recorded  a lot of important achievements, which contributed to bring  a new spiritual – cultural life to many ethnic minority communities. Several of documents, policies on the national culture were issued in order to preserve and bring into play the traditional culture character as well as set a fundamental culture life for the ethnic minority and mountainous communities. Four great arts festivals were held during the year such as the Festival of Chinese Culture, the first national arts festival of Hat Then – Dan Tinh, the 10th culture festival of ethnic groups in the North West and the culture festival of Muong ethnic group. To aim at the target of the national culture program, the Department guided and directed the localities, which were supported in finance, to preserve many typical traditional ethnic festivals. Several important projects and plans were built and completed.

In 2008, a lot of important tasks will be deployed  by  the Department of National Culture in order to continue  preserving, honoring and  promote the traditional values of the ethnic groups.

Speaking at the ceremony, vice minister Huynh Vinh Ai highly appreciated the endeavor of the Department of National Culture on over coming many difficulties to preserve the ethnic minority character.

The vice minister emphasized, in 2008 it is necessary for the Department of National Culture to predict the difficulties as well as advantages beforehand so that we can have the appropriate solutions. Also, it is important to focus on training and improving the knowledge for offices, especially the ones at grassroots level. Moreover, it is important to increase international exchanges and co-operate with Department inside and out side the Ministry. In such a fast integration and development context of Vietnam, the Department of Nation Culture needs to be speeded - up in every activities to motivate others and get out standing success which can bring a better life to our ethnic minority groups .

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