The vice Minister of Ministry Culture, Sports and Tourism Le Tien Tho worked in Quang Nam province

January 14, 2008          1594 views

(Cinet)- On January 4th, vice minister Le Tien Tho worked in Quang Nam People's committee concerning the Vietnamese Heroic Mother Statue construction project.

Representatives from relevant Departments and Offices under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as the local authority of Quang Nam Province were present at the event.

After submitting the report of Mr Thai Viet Tuong, the Director of Bureau of Culture and Information of Quang Nam on the Vietnamese Heroic Mother statue construction at Tam Ky town, Quang Nam Province and contributing ideas from relevant Departments and Offices, Vice Ministry Le Tien Tho came to the conclusion that:

1. The Vietnamese Heroic Mother statue is a cultural work with historical, architectural and artistic values in order to promote the contribution and huge sacrifice of the Vietnamese heroic mothers in the past struggling for the Vietnamese people’s independence and freedom. Also, this will deeply boost the profound love for the mother land.

For the basic construction: it is proposed that the Committee of Quang Nam Province follow all the regulations listed in the Law of Construction of Vietnam and all the governmental degrees concerning the building and cultural works.

For the artistic aspects: Follow the Regulations Controlling the Immense Monument, Pictures promulgated according to the Decision No. 05/2000/QĐ-BVHTT dated 29/03/2007 of the Ministry of Culture and Information (now under the name of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

2. The Ministry Department of Fine Art, Photography and Exhibition is assigned to cooperate with  Department of Cultural Heritage, Department of Planning and Finance to lead the People’s Committee of Quang Nam Province to accomplish the project of building the Monument of the Vietnamese Heroic Mother and to favour the committee to take the step towards the project following the governmental current regulations.

3. For the financial support, the People’s Committee of Quang Nam is requested to build up the yearly plan up to the year 2011, the proposal should be submitted to the competent authority for the final decision.


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