“Ngu Cung”, the breakout boys

January 17, 2008          522 views

Ngu Cung, a new name to local rock fans, surprisingly won the first prize of the Rock Your Passion 2007 contest.

Ngu Cung rock band consists of five young musicians: Hung Cuong on drums, Tran Thang on guitar, Minh Duc on bass, Duc Long on keyboard and Hoang Hiep, the lead singer. Four of them are students of the Hanoi Conservatory of Music and Hoang Hiep comes from the Hanoi University of Culture.

Having the same passion for music, the five artists started Ngu Cung on October 10, 2007.

“10 days after we founded the band, we registered to take part in the Rock Your Passion contest. We were lucky to enter the final round to compete with these famous bands and it turned out that we won the first prize,” said drummer Hung Cuong.


Ngu Cung performs the Progressive Rock genre, a mixture of rock and folk. The band performed songs they wrote at Rock Your Passion. The lyrics were by Tran Thang and the melodies by the whole group.

“We both play and write songs, we try to make them young and jubilant,” said Tran Thang.

Seeing Ngu Cung’s five members on the street is a bit deceiving, with T-shirt and jeans and a moderate manner, its hard to imagine them as rockers.

Actually, four of the five played for rock bands in the past, for example Hung Cuong and Duc Long with the famous Hurricane Eye band; Tran Thang with a rock band of the Hanoi Conservatory of Music; and Hoang Hiep with the Nomad band. Only Minh Duc has never played with a professional group.

Watching Ngu Cung on stage, many students couldn’t believe they were all friends, because they are completely different in their performances: wild, strong and scorching.

Talking about his future plans, Ngu Cung said they would continue studying at school and performing progressive rock. They will release an album early this year. “We will play rock till we can’t,” they said.

(Source: Tien Phong, Vnn)


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