Japanese dancers trip the light fantastic

November 09, 2007          727 views

Japanese dancers from the group Monochrome Circus will be lending new meaning to the phrase "light on one's feet" as they take the stage in the capital this Sunday.

Thinking outside the box: Ea Sola Thuy on stage.Thinking outside the box: Ea Sola Thuy on stage.

The performance, titled Refined Colours, combines three elements - the body, light and space - to explore new moves in contemporary dance.

With only three dancers and a simple set, lighting plays a crucial role in the exploring the body's unconscious expression.

Directing and choreographing the show is Kosei Sakamoto, famous for his minimalist style and sensitivity.

The show's lighting director is Takayuki Fukimoto, a specialist in LED (light emitting diode) lighting. Fukimoto has worked for a variety of contemporary dance and theatre acts, including well-known overseas Vietnamese choreographer Ea Sola Thuy.

Also in the line up are lighting designer Takuya Minami, sound technician Daito Manabe and three choreographers and dancers Yuko Mori, Hirokazu Morikawa and Yuka Saeki.

The performance will begin at 8pm on Sunday at the Tuoi Tre (Youth) Theatre, 11 Ngo Thi Nham Street, Hanoi.

Source: VNS


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