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Ngoc Dong Rattan and Bamboo Village

December 07, 2007          1152 views

Hoang Dong commune (Duy Tien) has a natural area of 7 km2 and a population of 6,894 inhabitants. The commune has six villages, where have traditional rattan and bamboo industry. While many traditional trade villages have many difficulties, the rattan and bamboo village is developing.

At the first start, the major product was cane chair. This product was immediately welcomed by customers because of beautiful design and its suitability to the tropical climate. The trade village is increasingly famous; the number of people buying products and selling materials significantly increases.

When Uncle Ho was still alive, Ngoc Dong people presented him a set of chairs (including six sofas and one rocking chair). Uncle Ho arranged this chair set in the living room in the stilt house. The Embassy of the North Korea People's Democratic Republic purchased a chair set in Ngoc Dong for President Kim II Sung.

Like many other trade villages, the Ngoc Dong rattan and bamboo village faced many difficulties during the mechanism change. However, Ngoc Dong workers have found ways to improve the quality and design and to find markets in West Europe and South-east Asia. As a result, the trade village still exists and develops.

The materials consist of two trees which are abundant in our country: Ampelocalamus and rattan. Products such as bowls, plates, trays, flower vases and flower baskets are currently diverse in types and designs. Some flower vases are 1.8m high with the factory price at VND 500,000.  

In Ngoc Dong, the current production model is mostly family-based; the product sale is carried out by some individuals. This happens for many trade villages. These people, who have money and understand the market, buy the products and then re-sell.

The traditional industry has brought Ngoc Dong undeniable economic profits. In addition, the industry brings other social benefits which cannot be valued such as: pushing back social evils and children helping the family after the school. Old craftsmen create new designs; old people and children prepares bamboo tapes; enterprise operators purchase products and look for high economic value contracts; workers air and dry products; and exploiting personnel prepares for new trips.

Ngoc Dong trade village has experienced many ups and downs. The present worker generation is enterprising to succeed the tradition inherited from the past generations. Ngoc Dong rattan and bamboo products are famous in not only domestic but also foreign markets. This is not only a contentment of Ngoc Dong local people but also a pride of the handicraft industry in Ha Nam province.

However, there are concerns about environment pollution and fires. Ngoc Dong wishes that all sectors and levels find solutions to reduce the environment pollution and minimize fire hazards. As a result, Ngoc Dong can better contribute to the nation industrialisation and modernisation process.

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