HCM City artists, theatres prepare for Tet

January 15, 2008          682 views

HCM City performers and theatres will offer new attractions for audiences during Tet, the lunar New Year holiday which falls early next month.

A scene from Chuyen Miet Dong (Farmers’ Story) by performers from HCM City Drama Theatre. — VNS Photo Thanh VuA scene from Chuyen Miet Dong (Farmers’ Story) by performers from HCM City Drama Theatre. — VNS Photo Thanh Vu

The first Tet shows will begin next week with comedies and cai luong (reformed drama) artist Hong Nga marking the 48th anniversary of her stage career.

The shows titled Nu Cuoi Va Nuoc Mat (Smiles and Tears) on January 16, 17 and 24 at the Trong Dong Music Club will also gather many well-known cai luong artists, including Thanh Sang, Le Thuy and Thoai My.

Tran Huu Trang Theatre has spent VND2 billion (US$125,000), the biggest fund so far in Viet Nam’s theatres, to stage the cai luong drama Chiec Ao Thien Nga (Swan Coat).

The drama tells the tragic tale of the romance between Zhongshi and Mî Chau, two legendary figures from the second century BC.

Swan Coat directed by Hoa Ha will be staged at the 7th Military Zone Stadium on the 8th, 9th and 10th days of the first lunar month.

Phu Nhuan Theatre Troupe will stage three comedies on Tet days. "We selected comedies for Tet because theatregoers in HCM City like to start the New Year with laughter," Hong Van, Phu Nhuan Theatre manager, said.

"They will rock with laughter when they see comedies at the theatre," she said.

Van Phuoc Gia (A House of Ten Thousand Happinesses) is one of the new comedies to be staged by the troupe on the first days of the New Year.

"Acting in the comedy will be many well-known comedians including Viet Anh, Minh Nhi and Anh Vu," Van said.

Besides two new comedies, Oi Than Tuong (Oh, Idol) and Niem Tin Bi Danh Cap (Stolen Belief), the HCM City Theatre will stage many short comedic plays poking fun at contemporary modern life during Tet.

The mini-Theatre at 5B Vo Van Tan, where the successful drama 250g is being staged, will perform Nha Tro Tinh Yeu (An Inn of Romance) during Tet.

"We think dramas featuring love affairs with happy endings will lure audiences," Huynh Minh Nhi, the theatre manager said.

"We’ll stage 250g again right after Tet," Nhi said.

The drama is an interesting love story. "Each of us has a heart which weighs 250g. Love, hatred, jealousy and different emotions of the heart are performed in a very charming way," Mai Thi Hoa, a regular theatregoer said.

Huynh Anh Tuan, manager of the mini theatre of the Institute for Culture Exchange with France (IDECAF), said the theatre has prepared several new plays for the new year.

"The play Hop Dong Manh Thu (Wild Beast Contract) promises to be very interesting," Tuan said. "The play will be performed by four male artists, including well-known artists Thanh Loc and Thanh Phuong."

Tuan, who is also manager of HCM City’s well-known Rong Vang (Golden Dragon) water puppetry troupe, said the troupe would stage many new dramas to entertain children, foreign and domestic tourists.

"In addition to regular evening shows, daytime performances will be given by the Golden Dragon troupe on Tet at the city’s Culture House for Workers on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, " he said.

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