Panorama of music in bài chòi

November 08, 2007          817 views

"Old folk-song, developed folk-song, and new works of bài chòi (bài chòi sung drama) of Binh Dinh" is the title of song-book completed by artists at Binh Dinh provincial-Bài Chòi Music Theatre Company. With nearly 100 songs, this song-book can be considered as a panorama of music in bài chòi of Binh Dinh.

The song-book consists of three parts: forms and types of folk-song in bài chòi of Binh Dinh, melodies of folk-song used in bài chòi, and new works and theme music in bài chòi. In each part, authors provide specific explanations with illustrated songs, helping readers easily understand the variety and distinctive features of music in bài chòi.

"Alongside the song-book, a CD with 80 songs was also published. They will be presented to high schools and artistic troupes in Binh Dinh, serving the studying, teaching, and advertising of bài chòi, " added meritorious artist Huu Lai.

(source: BCLVN)


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