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Organizing conference on socializing musical training

April 17, 2016          1831 views
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(Cinet) – Decision No.1424/QĐ-BVHTTDL on April 14, 2016 of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism relates to organize conference on socializing musical training.

The conference aims to summarize and appreciate situation of advantages and disadvantages of teaching and studying music. From that, some measures to adjust and supplement some regulations of musical trianing in order to create more chances for some organizations and individuals as legal regulation. The conference encouages some organizations and individuals to develop musical studying to develop some values of ethnic music, receving some world music, increase music for all, contributing to maintain and develop Vietnamese culture.
The conference is a chance to inspect and appreciate some tasks and powers of organization and individuals such as responsibility and task about musical teaching; situation and activities of recruitment in some schools of culture and arts; creating more chances to select some musical sectors and increase more quality to attract human resources into musical training. The conference also created more conditions for managing agencies and training sectors of culture and arts, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in some provinces and cities can enhance to exchange experiences and associate management and training  to increase more quality of musical training nowadays.
The conference attracts some leaders and cadres from Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Departments, Ministry of Education and Training, representatives in some provinces and cities; leaders in the whole country. As planned, the conference will take place in Hanoi capital in two days in late May.


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