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Picking up Sri Lanca troupe into Viet Nam

April 16, 2016          1256 views
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(Cinet)- Decision No.1395/QĐ-BVHTTDL on April 12 of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism allows Arts Performing Organization Center to pick up the  Sri Lanca art troupe.
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism entrusts Art Performing Organization Center(Arts Performing Department) and Sri Lanca embassy in Vietnam to turn Sri Lanca traditional dancing group into Vietnam to perform.
Time and Location: at 8 P.M on May 07, 2016 in Hong Ha cinema, Hanoi
Sri Lanca embassy in Vietnam is responsible for international travel in Hanoi and relevant expenses.
The Center is responsible for reception, press information, invitation and other expenses to performl
Heads of Ministerial Office, Department of Planning and Finance, International Cooperation Department and Arts Performing Center take over to implment the Decision.


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