Folk music performance festival for the Thai ethnic group in the Northwest region

June 24, 2016          1193 views
(Cinet) - The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism assigned the Department of Basic Culture to combine Yen Bai provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, local authorities and related units to hold the folk music performance festival for the Thai ethinic group in the Northwest region. The festival will take place on May 10th, 2016 at Nghia Lo town, Yen Bai province.
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Folk music performance is a musical activity occuring in the working processes and connection with nature. By talking, telling, Vi Dam singing, Ve singing, singing, Ho singing, gaming, dancing, turning, ceremony, music and arts..., people show all troves of moods from good moments to sadness in their daily life. Folk music performance represents a very rich and diverse life of ethnic people.
Festival of ethnic folk music performance was held to develop the wider ranges of folk music performances for all people living in the region. Thus, seeking and discovering new talents to be flourished for cultural and art folk movements at the grassroots make contribution to the preservation and promotion of cultural and art values ​​of ethnic folk music.
In recent years, the festival of folk music performance has been organized in many localities across the country. The included programs have been developed by artists at the festival with great inspirations and vibrant rhythms to show cultural treasures, cultural traditions, rituals, festivals which are characteristic identities of ethnic groups. These perfomances feature the spirit of pride, unity, a remarkable continuity in the traditions of struggles to defend the nation and currently building a prosperous and beautiful country.


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