“Viet Nam’s ao dai essence" to gather on October

July 18, 2016          805 views
(Cinet) - As planned, the festival titled “Viet Nam’s ao dai essence” will take place on October 14-16, 2016 at the Thang Long - Ha Noi Heritage Conservation Center.
Fashion show at Temple of Literature. Photo:VOV

Being one of the most interesting activities celebrating the 60th anniversary of capital’s liberation (October 10-1954), "ao dai" festival will introduce “ao dai” (Vietnamese traditional dresses), designed by well-known designers.

As planned, “ao dai” festival is one of some culture-tourism activities, which contributes into maintaining and developing some values of traditional culture. The festival is a tourism event, atracting some fashion disigners, artisans, artists and lovers of Ha Noi in order to introduce international people and friends to traditional beauty of the capital.
The festival comprises the introduction zone. The zone will introduce picture and document of formation and development of Viet Namese "ao dai". A series of activities marking the celebration has been launched since July and will run until November, including exhibitions and seminars, tourism festival, cuisine.
It is a chance for business to exchange, introduce and cooperate to develop tourism products, fashion and others. The event creates more opportunity for tourists to visit and experience some activities of the Ha Noi “ao dai” festival in 2016.


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