Nghinh Ong festival recognized as national intangible cultural heritage

July 19, 2016          769 views
(Cinet) - Nghinh Ong festival was certificated the national intangible cultural heritage in Ben Tre province on July 18.
Nghinh Ong festival. Photo:VNS

The annual festival takes place in Binh Thang commune, Binh Dai district from the 15th -17th day of the sixth lunar month, featuring various rituals. The festival comprises about 20 shipping boats decorated with flags, flowers and offerings set sails on the background of traditional music to express farmers’ gratitude towards the Nam Hai god (a whale) and pray for his help when they are in distress at sea, safe voyages and bumper hauls of fish.
With many folk stories attached to it, the Nghinh Ong Festival in Can Gio District has its own distinctive characteristics compared to other festivals around the country.
The festival is a good oppotunity for fishermen to express their gratitude towards the Nam Hai god (whale) and sea gods for protecting and supporting fishermen in their daily lives and at sea, and to pray for peace and a good harvest.
The Nghinh Ong festival is also celebrated in many other coastal localities across the country during various times of the year.


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