More newly-recognised treasures of Nguyen dynasty recognized

July 21, 2016          886 views
(Cinet) – The Prime Minister signed Decision on recognizing more ancient items of Hue dynasty as national treasure.
The costume was wore by Nguyen kings at Giao rituals. Photo:worldpress
The newly-recognised treasures are the throne of Nguyen kings, the King’s costume used in Giao ritual (God-worshipping ritual), the Khiem Cung Ky stone stele, and a collection of ten copper cauldrons.
The throne of Nguyen kings  is the only throne of a feudal dynasty that remains intact until now. A symbol of the dynasty’s power, it is placed at the centre of Thai Hoa Palace. The special chair is decorated with various dragon patterns to present wish for happiness and longevity.
The throne of Nguyen kings.Photo:TTVH
The copper cauldron collection.Photo:Vnplus

The costume wore by Nguyen kings at Giao rituals to worship God, also one-of-a-kind item, is being preserved at the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum. It was embroidered with traditional patterns such as the dragon, the sun, the moon, stars, clouds, mountains, birds, and water.
The Khiem Cung Ky stone stele is inscribed with an article titled “Khiem cung ky” by King Tu Duc (1848-1883) and now is being preserved at the King’s tomb in Hue imperial relic complex. In the article, the King revealed his innermost feelings as a king amidst changes and challenges facing his country.
The copper cauldron collection is being preserved at the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum in Hue imperial relic complex. The cauldrons were cast in various sizes and weights under the reign of Lord Hien Vuong Nguyen Phuc Tan (1648-1687).



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