Photo exhibition and documentary films about ASEAN community

July 21, 2016          861 views
(Cinet) – On July 26-30, 2016, Centre for Press and International Communications Cooperation (Ministry of Information and Communications) organized the exhibition of Photos, Reportage and Documentary films on ASEAN Community.
At the exhibition. Photo:supplied
 The exhibition attracts more than 300 photos, and nearly 100 reportage and documentary films that were awarded and selected to the final round of several prestigious festivals held by Ministry of Information and Communications from 2010 to 2015.
The exhibition introduces some photos and documentary films at photos, reportage anddocumentary films festival in ASEAN  community in 2010 (this year Vietnam was the chairman of ASEAN); photos, reportage and documentary films festival on environmental protection and climate change in ASEAN community in 2013; photos, reportage and documentary films festival on ethnic in ASEAN Community in  2015.

Some works reflects some titles: beauty of the country and people of ASEAN nations, traditional culture in ASEAN countries, environmental protection, climate change, some people in the ASEAN community and high quality of arts. Some authors brought the audiences works of high quality.
Coming to the exhibition, the seers can understand more about culture, people and environment of some nations in the ASEAN region. The event also creates more chance and condition for some people to tighten a cultural solidarity in ASEAN community. This is an attempt in strengthening the cooperation relation among Vietnam and other countries in ASEAN Community, marking an important milestone in ASEAN linkage process as well as achieved results after 49 years of unceasing cooperation of all member countries among which Vietnam is considered as a key factor in assuring ASEAN solidarity and unification.
At the closing ceremony, some photos and documentary films will be sent to Thua Thien Hue provincial People’s Committee for purpose of propaganda and introduction to the world.


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