“Red flower" program to recall Day of Invalids and Martyrs

July 25, 2016          741 views
(National Times) – On July 23, the 9th “Mau hoa do” art program was organized to celebrate 69th anniversary of Vietnam’s War Invalids and Martyrs Day (27/7/1947 – 27/7/2015).
  The program comprises some parts: Part 1: “Me Viet Nam anh hung” (The Vietnamese Heroic Mother); Part 2: “Dang dung Viet Nam” (The posture of Viet Nam); Part 3: “Thoi hoa do” (Read flower); Part 4: “Viet Nam tu hao di len” ( Viet Nam is proud of development). The program will connect some songs and television reportages. The program helps the audiences understand music and arts, which marks devotions of soldiers, invalids and the  Vietnamese Heroic Mother.
The program is a message of Uncle Ho, heroes and army forces by their great contributions in a progress of the national construction and protection.

Some artists at the event are People’s artist Thai Bao, meritorious artist Dang Duong, meritorious artist Viet Hoan, meritorious artist Khanh Hoa as well as singers Tung Duong, Minh Thu; Ngoc Anh, Huyen Trang, Xuan Hao, Lo Thuy, Thanh Le and Bao Yen.
The organizing board will donate hundreds of presents, savings books for policy families, Vietnamese heroic mothers and revolutionary contributors while calling on more donations from the community, businesses, organizations, units and individuals.


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