Vietnamese artist to attend world's largest fine arts festival

November 09, 2007          721 views

Vietnamese artist Van Duong Thanh will send her artwork to be displayed at next year's 3rd Beijing International Art Biennale in China.

Of the five paintings that she will submit to the festival, three were recently finished, depicting a peaceful, harmonious and happy world on 16-square-meter canvases.

Thanh worked day and night for two months to finish the elaborate paintings, which carry such titles as Sunny field in spring, Joy and harmony, Ancient city port in spring, Red storks dancing on a summer field and Wild flowers in the wind.

Thanh’s paintings caught the eye of Hu Qianwen, the Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam, when he joined the artist in a live conversation on Vietnamese television last February.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Thanh has been living and teaching art in Sweden for many years.

The internationally renowned and award-winning artist has had some 40 exhibitions in Vietnam and overseas.

The Third Beijing International Art Biennale is said to be the biggest annual arts event in the world.

Entitled Colors and Olympism, the festival is expected to attract artists, critics, museum curators and thousands of spectators from around the world.

The theme vividly depicts the close relationship between the Biennale and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The “Colors” of the title symbolizes “the beautiful rain-bow connecting our dreams and reality,” as well as art and the Olympics.

The event, which will coincide with the Olympics, will take place in July and August next year.

Beijing has held two international art festivals in 2003 and 2005, both of which attracted much local and overseas media attention.

Source: VietnamNet



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