Italy helps preserve My Son relics

November 09, 2007          901 views

The Italian government has donated over US $435,000 as non-refundable aid to a project on preserving the My Son Sanctuary in the central province of Quang Nam, said the provincial People’s Committee on November 1.

It said the information was released by the chief representative of the Hanoi UNESCO office, Vibeke Jensen.

The funding has been allocated for the second phase of the project, due to be finished in 18 months, which will preserve the Group G towers of the world heritage site.

The provincial government has submitted a report for the Prime Minister to approve the restoration work and list it for official assistance.

The project also aims to increase the skills of experts and craftsmen in the local community, to preserve and upgrade important archaeological sites, create a foundation for the study and preservation of historical sites and heighten the cultural diversity in Vietnam and Southeast Asia



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