Korea to build Cultural Centre in Viet Nam

October 21, 2015          739 views
A Korean troupe performs traditional music. (Photo: VNA)
(Cinet)- On October 20, the Veterans’ Association of Korea has worked with authorities of Quang Nam province on building a Korean Cultural Centre in Quang Nam province.

Speaking at the meeting,  President Woo Yong-rak of the Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Korea said the association wishes to build a Korean cultural centre in Quang Nam as a way to help heal the wounds of war and strengthen the ties between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK).
The initiative has received strong support from the Vietnam Veterans’ Association, he said, adding that the RoK National Assembly has approved 3 million USD for the project.
Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Chin vowed his support for the project, saying that the province will create optimal conditions to keep it on schedule.
The Vietnam  Veterans’ Association of Korea is now home to approximately 300,000 Korean veterans who served during the Vietnam war and about 2 million of their relatives.
The project, which  is scheduled to start  in 2016  and is expected to become operational by 2018.



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