Bac Ha Horse Race sees participation of female jockey for the first time

June 02, 2020          108 views
Hoang Thi Tuyet, a young Tay ethnic woman from Ta Ho Village, Ta Chai Commune, Bac Ha District, became the first female jockey to compete at the Bac Ha Horse Race, which took place in Lao Cai Province on May 31.

Tuyet and other 66 jockeys from villages across the province were divided into 18 races to determine the fastest performers to progress to for the final rounds to compete for the top four positions.

Although she didn’t achieve high position at the competition, Tuyet said she was happy to join the event and expressed her hope that spectaculars would have great time watching performances and explore the cultural of ethnic minority groups in Bac Ha District.

Bac Ha Horse Race is distinguished from others of its kind as riders are actually farmers of H’Mong, Tay and Nung ethnic groups, and their racing horses are those which transport goods to the fields in daily life. The jockeys join the race without saddles or straps.

The VND50 million first prize went to to Vang Van Giang, while the second and third places went to Thao Seo Phu and Vang Van Truong who earned cash prizes of VND40 million and VND30 million, respectively.

The horse race attracted nearly 25,000 visitors, who were also invited to other interesting sideline events, including a photo exhibition, tours to plum gardens and flower valleys, arts performances, and a rural market.

The race saw the competition of 67 jockeys from villages across Lao Cai Province
Winners of the competition


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