Traditional arts program at the IPU-32

March 26, 2015          672 views
(Cinet)- A concert with Vietnamese traditional musical instruments at the National Assembly House will be officially organized in Hanoi on the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132) Assembly.
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The program is expected to introduce delegates to the unique traditional music of all ethnic groups in Vietnam as well as help them to learn more about the land and people of Vietnam.
The program consists of some artists from the Vietnam National Academy of Music including Nguyen Tien, Nghe The Dan, Bui Le chi, Nguyen Quang Hung and Hoang Anh Tu.
The musicians will perform duets and ensembles of traditional Vietnamese musical instruments such as 'dan bau' (traditional Vietnamese monochord), dan nhi (two-chord fiddle) and dan tranh (Vietnamese 16-chord zither) as well as gongs and T’rung (Central Highlands musical instruments).
A wide range of other cultural and arts activities will also be held to celebrate the IPU-32, including an arts programs entitled ‘Cultural Colours of Vietnam's 54 Ethnic Groups’ on March 29 at the Vietnamese Ethnic Groups Culture-Tourism Village in Dong Mo, Son Tay town and ‘Citadel Night’ at the ancient Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi.
Additionally, delegates will have a chance to discover the natural landscapes and environment, along with tangible and intangible cultural heritages and daily life of people in the Southern and Central Highlands regions in Vietnam through a photo exhibition and exchanges with ethnic communities at the Vietnamese Ethnic Groups Culture-Tourism Village.
The IPU-32, to be held in Hanoi for the first time from March 28 to April 1, is an important international political event and an opportunity for Vietnam to showcase its land and people for foreign friends.



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