Organizing Conference on “All people unite into building cultural life in the new countryside”

March 24, 2016          1445 views
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(Cinet)- Official Dispatch No.937/KH-BVHTTDL pormulgating March 22, 2016 relates to Plan to organzie conference and photo exhibition themed “All people unite into building cultural life in the new countryside” in two areas of the Northwest and the Central Highland”.
The conference aims to appreciate some documents of the Central and provincial agencies and implement a campaign to build basic cultural life and the new countryside. Through that, the conference gives some proposals and requirements to implement some tasks about building cultural life; increase more cultural life and quality of the campaign.
At the mountainouse areas, the conference and photo exhibition are organized in Son La province and Laos Cai on September, 2016. In the Central Highland, the conference is estimated in Gia Lai and Dak Lak on October, 2016.
The program comprises the opening ceremony of art photo art exhibition; introduction  of the countryside, land, people, life and culture of the Northern, the Central Highland and other activities to develop socio-economy; introduction of cultural life in the ethnic groups; visting travel to some historical relic sites and model to build countryside in locality and scientific conference.


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