Bac Ninh: Turning Dan ca (folk song) into some schools

August 16, 2011          1755 views

(Cinet) - Beginning at 2011-2012 school year, Dan ca Bac Ninh ( Bac Ninh folk song) will officially turn into scholl in Bac Ninh province.

It is an essential activity aiming at maintaining and developing “Dan ca” (Bac Ninh folk song) as a pledge between Vietnam and UNESCO about a recognition Bac Ninh folk song as an intangible cultural heritage of the mankind.

Bac Ninh Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism compiled some Documents. The province also organizes some short-term training courses for 600 teachers in some schools in order to create the most teaching opportunities.

As planned, some pupils will participate into some outdoor courses relating to folk songs. Therefore, the pupils can sing at least one traditional song. They will have an opportunity to understand more about customs and some approaches to singing song.

Today, BN province has over 50 clubs about folk songs, 329 folk song villages and 44 original villages.


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