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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Investing in constructing a cinema culture center in Quang Ninh Province
November 12, 2007   /   2442 views

(Cinet)- Le Toan, the Director of Department of Information and Culture says the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has notified investment plans for a rather large-scale welfare work, named “ A Cinema Culture Center” in Quang Ninh.

Training and fostering writers and artists to serve the national industrialization and modernization cause
November 12, 2007   /   1811 views

(Cinet)- Everyone and all fields link closely with one another. In 1995, on an occasion of Painting Exhibition, President Ho Chi Minh sent painters a letter in which he had affirmed a true “Artistic Literature is also a front and people are soldiers on that one.”

The phase 2 Investment Plan for the National Sports Complex
November 12, 2007   /   1838 views

(Cinet)- As discussed with Board of Directors of the National Sports Complex on the phase 2 Investment Plan for the National Sports Complex, Minister Hoang Tuan Anh has agreed on compensation and site clearance policies for the remaining area of 84hectares in 192 hectares managed by the National Sports Complex. In addition, he suggests the National Sports Complex should establish a specific project on resettlement and site clearance to submit to Ministerial Leaders for approval.

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism establishes a training course to improve much knowledge on tourist environment protection
November 12, 2007   /   2025 views

(Cinet)-To achieve the national tourism’s sustainable development, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism opens a training course to enhance deep knowledge on tourist environment protection. Attending the course is state managers from 13 Tourism Departments of the Northern cities and provinces.

A statement ceremony for appointing a new deputy General Directorate of Tourism.
November 12, 2007   /   1571 views

(Cinet)- On the morning of 7th November 2007, General Tourism Department held a statement ceremony for officially appointing a new Deputy General Directorate of Tourism. Attending this ceremony included Standing Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry, Nguyen Danh Thai and Representatives from General Tourism Agency’s Party Committee and Units.

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