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Ba Chua Xu Festival
July 20, 2019        190 views

(MOCST)- Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival is hold annually from the 23rd day to 27th day of the fourth lunar month, in Ba Chua Xu Temple, Nui Sam (Sam Mountain) ward, Chau Doc commune, An Giang province.

7 destinations make the beauty of An Giang
May 14, 2015        1,612 views

An Giang province has the largest population and the fourth largest in area of ​​Mekong delta Vietnam. Because of this, An Giang has many unique landscapes that attracted many Mekong delta tours visitors.

Ba Chua Xu Festival
April 28, 2015        4,433 views

(Cinet)- Ba Chua Xu (Holy Mother of the Realm) Festival annually takes place from midnight of 23th to 27th of the fourth lunar month at Ba Chua Xu Shrine in Sam Mountain, Chau Doc town, An Giang Province.

About An Giang

(Cinet)- An Giang is the province located in Mekong Delta. An Giang is the first province in the area that encompassed 2 independent municipalities Long Xuyen and Chau Doc. An Giang owned many specific characteristics attracted visitors who are still hesitate to come there.

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