Explore Kien Giang

Immersing into charming Kien Giang
December 09, 2015        2,463 views

(Cinet)– Coming to Nam Du and Ba Lua archipelago, visitors will be immersed in the navy - blue sea covered by the white sands and will be enjoyed a variety of fresh seafood.

Phu Quoc – Viet Nam Pearl island
August 09, 2015        19,619 views

(Cinet)-Phu Quoc Island which was named Pearl Island, who is also the largest island in Vietnam. In 2006, the biosphere reserve area of coastal and island district, Kien Giang, including Phu Quoc Island has been recognized by Unesco as a biosphere reserve in the world.

Interesting private museums in Vietnam (part 2)
June 23, 2015        3,768 views

(Cinet)- Not bursting with visitors yet surprisingly interesting – these private museums are hidden treasures that any arts and culture lover do not want to miss in Vietnam.

The most spectacular swimming pools in Vietnam
June 22, 2015        5,620 views

(Cinet)- Located in the most luxury resorts in Vietnam, these swimming pools may go beyond your definition of perfection and beauty.

About Kien Giang

(Cinet)- Located in the southwest Vietnam and belonging to the Mekong River Delta, Kien Giang has a mainland territory and many islands. It is the mixture of many cultural regions throughout the country, which creats diverse cultural identities.


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