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“Xoe” dance of the Thai ethnic groups
June 22, 2015        4,957 views

(Cinet)- Recently, Xoe Dance of the Thai Ethnic Group has become a national intangible cultural heritage.

Thai ethnic minority festival in Lai Chau to open
October 27, 2014        3,390 views

(Cinet)- The first Cultural Festival of the Thai ethnic minority group will take place in the northwestern mountainous province of Lai Chau in mid-December 2014.

The wood stove in the life of the Dao Khau
July 02, 2014        2,254 views

The Dao Khau live mainly in the Sin Ho district of Lai Chau province. Like other ethnic minority groups in Sin Ho, the Dao Khau consider the wood stove an important symbol of their lives. Despite many changes in their cooking habits, the Dao Khau have maintained the cultural traditions associated with their wood stoves.

About Lai Chau

(Cinet)- Lai Chau is a province in the Northwest region of Vietnam.  Lai Chau has great potential for services, trade, export-import and, tourism and a very important strategic position in terms of national defense, security, and protection of national border sovereignty.

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