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Seo My Ty – An oasis in mid air
August 17, 2020        249 views

Several years ago, Seo My Ty village, also known as Seo, in Ta Van commune was still a strange place even for people in Sapa town. Looking down from the mountain side, the hamlet lies entirely in a plane and is covered with green trees and thick fog like an oasis in the sky.

Y Ty - A missing paradise in Viet Nam
September 20, 2015        2,598 views

(Cinet)- Y Ty is considered as the most attractive spot for “phuot” travelers in September by the beauty of boundless rice fields, dusky clouds and the ancient roof top.

Wedding of the Giay in Lao Cai
April 03, 2015        4,009 views

The Giay people care a great deal about marriage and the continuation of the family line. Their least concern is a family’s wealth or poverty. For them, the most important things are morality, family tradition, and respect.

About Lao Cai

(Cinet)- Lao Cai is a mountainous province in northern Vietnam and has a favorable geographical position and many potentials of the development of foreign economic relations and tourism.

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