About Binh Dinh

(Cinet)- Binh Dinh is a province of Viet Nam, located in the South Central coast region. Quy Nhon City was counted as an provincial administrative center, far from Ha Noi capital about 1,065 kilometers and far from HCM city  about 649 kilometers. Binh Dinh is a land generated to Sa Huynh Culture as well as acient capital of  Champa Kingdom, etc.
The province covers an area of 6,050.6 square kilometers and it had the population of 1,497,300 people ( Satistic data in 2011). Binh Dinh bordered in the north  with Quang Ngai province , in the South with Phu Yen Province, in the West with  Gia lai province and in the east with East Sea. The province is divided into one city ( Quy Nhon) and 9 districts , including  An Lao, Hoa An, Hoai Nhon, Phu Cat, Phu My, Tuy Phuoc Tay Son, Van Canh , Vinh Thanh … Binh Dinh is home to  some ethnic groups , like The ethnic Vietnamese, Cham, Ba Na, H’re…
Cutural Resources 
Cutural Heritages
In terms of the cultural resources ,  Binh Dinh owned  plentiful of Tangible and Intangible Herritages, exclusively, Do Ban Ancient Citadel  with the mysterious architectural Cham towers system included 7 groups and 14 towers.
The mysterious architectural Cham towers system
There are 234 historical cultural relics in a whole province, among them 114 relics was recognized, in detail, 36 relics was ranked by Nation, 78 relics by province. The National leveled relics was known as Tay Son Uprising,  Ben Truong Trau historical relic,  Go Da Den historical relic,  a number  of towers build by the Cham, Go Lang relic, Vo Van Dung worship hall...
Performing Arts
Tuong (Classical drama) developed very much in almost all districts in Binh Dinh, attached with the name of Dao Duy Tu and Dao Tan. Tuồng and Binh Dinh martial art were the specific characteristics of the Province, is promoting culture exchange between some provinces.
The majority of Bình Định Province covered by mountains or hills, which is one of the ideal conditions to develop eco, relaxation and mountain climbing tourism. In addditon, there are also a vast of beautiful beaches, including Quy Nhon, Ghenh Rang, Quy Hoa, Bai Dai, Phuong Mai peninsula, Thi Nai lagoon, Green isle , Hai Giang, Nhon Ly, Eo Gio, Phu Hau, Trung Luong, Vinh Hoi, Tan Thanh, Mui Rong - Tan Phung, Lo Dieu, Hoai Huong, Tam Quan Bac…They is arrange regularly in the whole province, which is beneficial for investing to expand sea tourism.
A huge tourism potential is a challenge was put on Binh Dinh tourism industry. Hence, authorities had to build the long-term plan as well as the solutions to deal with the difficulties. Along with the ideal potentials, Binh Dinh also owned many specific dishes, like sprawn vermicellies, Song than vermicellies, Vietnamese crepe…Moreover, hotels on the top in Binh Dinh is always ready to welcome visitors, for examples, Seagull Hotel, Royal Hotel, Saigon Quy Nhơn Hotel, Mường Thanh Quy Nhơn Hotel, Sunflowers Hotel, Hong Kong Hotel…