About Ha Tinh

(Cinet)- Ha Tinh located in focal economic region of Central Vietnam borders with Nghe An province to the North and Quang Binh province to the South, Lao to the West, the Eastern Sea (South China Sea) along 137 kilometer coastline to the East. Ha Tinh is considered as a land of  the potentials of culture, tourism.  
The province covers an area of 6.055,6 square kilometres, and its population was 1.229.300 peoples (according to statistic in 2009).
Cultural Resources
Cultural Heritage
Ha Tinh and Nghe An province (former Nghe Tinh) share the culture called Lam Hong and has a sharing icon - Red Mountain - Blue River with great treasures of folk.
Although Ha Tinh isn’t endowed with natural advantages, Ha Tinh is considered as this sacred land of the Viet people.
Many villages in Ha Tinh are famous for literary, competition-examinations and tradtion of  fighting foreign invaders. Thus, Ha Tinh is the motherland of many national heroes and cultural celebrities such as Nguyen Du great poet, Nguyen Cong Tru, Phan Dinh Phung, Tran Phu, Ha Huy Tap national heroes, ect.
In terms of historic monuments, Ha Tinh has more than 400 recognized historical sites including 339 in provincial rank and 73 in national rank, 1 in nationally special rank and various types of intangible cultural heritages.
According to the researchers, Ha Tinh is famous for "the land of Hong Lam", the mixture of folklore and learning culure make the cultural environment and humanity values of Ha Tinh very attractive to tourists.
Performing Arts
Ha Tinh has some major types of performance art of which the most typical is Vi and Dam folk song. This type which was selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the  list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage and the current world has been more popular so far and fascinated all tourists.
In addition, Ha Tinh also developed the form of National operas (Nghe Tinh folk opera), dance music and puppetry.
Besides many historic, cultural monuments and beautiful spots which become advantageous points for Ha Tinh, it has many famous traditional villages and a number of specialties like Cu Do cakes, pancake, ect.
Some of the prominent tourist attractions of Ha Tinh are the Dong Loc T-Junction national historical relic site, Nguyen Du Park Souvenirs, Ke Go Lake ecological sit, Thach Hai sea, Thien Cam beach, ect.