About Nam Dinh

(Cinet)- Nam Dinh, a coastal province in the southern Red River Delta is the sacred land of the Viet people and the native land of the Tran Kings and national hero Tran Hung Dao, the spirit of Tran Dynasty.
Nam Dinh borders Thai Binh in the East, Ninh Binh  in the West, East Sea in the South and southeast and Ha Nam in the North. The province covers an area of 1.637,4 square kilometres, and its population was 1.826.300 peoples (according to statistic in 2011).
Cultural Resources
Cultural Heritage
Currently, Nam Dinh has nearly 4,000 historical cultural sites including 77 national, 216 provincial ones; many typically historical, cultural, architectural monuments are Keo Hanh Thien pagoda, Ngoi bridge, Luong temple, Nam Dinh flagpole.
Nam Dinh is also the native place of Tran dynasty which was the most prosperous in the history of Vietnam feudal era with remains tytified by King Tran Relics, Thap temple, Co Le Pagoda, Keo Hanh Thien Pagoda, Phu Day Temple, ect.
In addition, there are historical and cultural monuments associated with famous men like Nguyen Hien (the first doctoral candidate), Luong The Vinh (famous for measuring and intelligence, a sense of humor), Tu Xuong poet memorial house of Nguyen Binh, the memorial site of Truong Chinh, the late General Secretary.
Along with the historical and cultural heritages, Nam Dinh preserved and developed over 70 traditional villages with the industries and products such as the wood carving village of La Xuyen, baamboo lacquer Cat Dang, Tong Xa copper casting village (Y Yen district), Vinh Hao baamboo and rattan village (Vu Ban district), Vi Khe floriculture and ornamental plants (Nam Truc district).
Nam Dinh preserved cultural heritages including typically over 100 traditional festivals held every year. Many unique and great festivals attract tourists such as Phu Day Festivals (national intangible and cultural heritage), the seal opening ceremony at the Tran temple, Vieng fairs, etc.
Performing Arts
Located in the Red River delta, Nam Dinh has a long cultural tradition. Cultural treatrue stemed from the lives of residents, transfered and developed in various forms and activities such as Vietnamese popular opera, “van” singing, water puppetry, “Xam” singing....and lots of tradional festivals, folk games like rowing, "receiving incarnations of the deities"or “Hau dong”.
Besides the cultural value of the unique tangible and intangible heritages, Nam Dinh has many magnificant tourist destinations such as Thinh Long Beach, Quat Lam Sea, Con Lu- Con Ngan, Xuan Thuy National Park , La Xuyen craft village, remains of Chuong son Tower, Binh Minh tile bridge, house number 7 Ben Ngu Street, Lieu Hanh princess templein Phu Nap, an ancient tomb in Nam Dinh.