About Hai Phong

(Cinet)- Hai Phong also known as the Phoenix Flower City is the largest port city in the North (named as Hai Phong port) and the industry zone in northern Vietnam, the center of economy, culture, education, science and technology in the northern coastal region.
Hai Phong borders Quang Ninh province in the North, Hai Duong province in the West, Thai Binh province in the the South.  The province covers an area of 1.523,9 square kilometres, and its population was 1.904.100 peoples (according to statistic in 2012).
Cultural Resources
Cultural Heritage
Haiphong is also home to the festivals imbued with the cultural identity of Vietnam. Do Son – the call of the sea festival is held from April 30 to May 2 every year with many exciting and attractive activities to promote the tourism in Haiphong. Do Son buffalo fighting festival not only brings the martial spirit of the nation but also the symbol of the agriculture of Vietnam. In addition, there are many attractive festivals as Buffalo Fighting Festival, Dragon Boat Race Festival in Do Son beach, Cat Ba fishing village festival, Elephant Mountain Festival (An Lao district), Red Flamboyant Festival.
Religious beliefs: Hai Phong has many temples such as the temple of Tran God (Tran Hung Dao), Le Hoan and Ngo Quyen temples and the system of pagodas, temples, shrines.
Foods in Hai Phong is simple and popular but unforgettably tasty. This place is famous for its seafood dishes. Popular dishes are crab dry pancak, fish noodles, Seafood Pie with a Rice Crust, spicy snail, crab rolls, etc.
Performing Arts
Hai Phong is the place that produced and nurtured many great artistic talents of the country.
Fine Arts: The great painters were born in Hai Phong like Mai Trung Thu, Tran Van Can
Theatre and Film: The theatrical culture of Hai Phong has been increasingly improved.
There are so many active and effective drama groups.
Music: The ancient culture of Hai Phong has been preserved and promoted by folk songs, traditional operetta songs, puppetry such as Tru singing, Dum singing in Thuy Nguyen; traditional operetta in Tien Lang, Vinh Bao; a ditty sung while rowing along the coastline.
Hai Phong has been a cradle producing and nurturing great talents in music of Vietnam like Van Cao, Hoang Quy, Do Nhuan, Tran Chung, Ngo Thuy Mien, Duy Thai, etc.
Hai Phong is a major tourism center of Vietnam. As a big city near the sea and islands, Hai Phong is an important part in the robust Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh economic triangle.

Hai Phong has many world-class tourist centres of high quality such as 4 stars resorts  and casinos, Do Son golf, the largest filtered seawater pool with artificial waves in Asia, Song Gia and Camela in the inner city, hot spring resorts in Tien Lang, Cat Ba island and Cat Ba resort and Spa in Cat Ba island, etc.
Foreign tourists, especially the European are interested in Cat Ba Island, a beautiful island with the forest ecosystem and the sea rich, high quality hotels and restaurants.