About Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen Provincial Tea - A famous trademark
(Cinet)- Thai Nguyen province is a city and municipality in Vietnam. It is the capital and largest city of Thai Nguyen Province. The city is listed as a first class city and is the ninth largest city in Vietnam.
Situated in Far North-East Vietnam, Thai Nguyen Province is surrounded by Bac Kan Province on the north, Tuyen Quang and Vinh Phuc provinces on the west, Lang Son and Bac Giang provinces on the east, and Hanoi on the south.
Cultural Heritage and Destination
Thai Nguyen has revolutionary tradition, historical vestiges including Van, Vo mountains, Dinh Hoa ATK vestige, and Duom Temple. 
Coming to there, tourists are attracted to visit Nui Coc Reservoir. This 2,500ha lake includes 89 islands, concealing mysterious legends. Nearby the lake, Coc Mountain stands imposingly amid the blue sky, the bright sunshine over every blade of grass and twig, all creating marvelous and splendid scenery.
 Phuong Hoang Cave and Mo Ga Stream attract many visitors to Thai Nguyen every year. The cave consists of three layers: Doi (Bat), Sang (Light) and Toi (Dark). Reaching the mouth of cave, visitors can see the landscapes of this land.

Mountains account most of Thai Nguyen's topography with Tam Dao, Ngan Son, Bac Son ranges. The complex network of rivers includes Cau, Cong, Du, and Rang. The main nature resources are coal, iron, steel, and titan.
Also, the best specialty food of Thai Nguyen is tea. Thai Nguyen is the destination is well known as providing best tea in Vietnam.
Perfoming Arts
Hat Then (Then singing) is a distinctive musical genre and a special combination of the spiritual and cultural life of Tay, Nung and Thai ethnic groups in Vietnam. Then singing is practised in many northern provinces, including Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Quang Ninh, Son La, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Bac Giang and Yen Bai, and the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.
It is believed to be handed down from the God belonging to a mysterious world to which only “Ong Then” and “Ba Then” can contact.
In December 2012 , the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism added Then singing to the official national intangible cultural heritage list. The National Academy of Music said that traditional Then singing will be submitted to UNESCO in a bid for it to be recognised as a piece of intangible cultural world heritage.