About Tien Giang

(Cinet)- Tien Giang is located north of the Mekong Delta, alongside the north of Tien River. The Kinh ethnic group accounts for more than 99% of the total population.
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Area: 2,236sq.km.
Population: 1,668,000 people.
Geography: It borders on Long An Province to the North, Ben Tre Province to the South, Dong Thap Province to the West and the sea to the East.
Located to the North of the Mekong Delta, along the North of Tien River, Long An Province shares border with Long An Province on the north, Dong Thap Province on the west, East Sea on the east, and Ben Tre Province on the south.
Cultural Heritage and Destination
Tien Giang still preserves historical sites, such as Vinh Trang Pagoda and Go Thanh Oc Eo Vestiges. Vinh Trang Pagoda is the greatest pagoda of Tien Giang Province.
Go Thanh site has been restored and embellished, becoming a good destination for visitors to understand more thoroughly about the history of a culture which existed thousands of years ago in the Funan Kingdom and the identities of Oc Eo Culture.
Going along the Tien River upstream, visitors will visit Cai Be floating market where hundreds of boats and canoes gather to sell and buy the local products.
In the atmosphere of an area criss-crossed with many rivers and canals as well as fruit gardens, they will visit historical relics, temples and pagodas, such as the cultural relic of Oc Eo in Cho Gao District and learn about the history of this area through valuable exhibits full of Phu Nam culture in the early Christian Era.

Several festivals in Tien Giang: Nging Ong Festival (10th day of the 3rd lunar month) to honor the soul of the Whale, Tu Kiet Festival (15th and 16th day of the 8th lunar month) to commemorate four heroes who fought against the French colonialists.
The provincial characteristics are also reflected through the festivals to commemorate the Ap Bac Victory and Nam Ky Uprising, the worshipping ceremony to honour national heroes Truong Dinh and Nguyen Huu Huan and the traditional festivals of the Viet, Khmer, Hoa and Cham ethnic groups.
Peforming Arts
Tien Giang province is famous for some ryhms of “ho”. Developing and singing some songs with a ryhms of “ho” has been encouraged such as “ Ho Cai lay”, “Ho ban don” and “ Ho cay Go Cong” ( Typical characteristics of arts in the land).