About Thai Binh

(Cinet)- Thai Binh is a coastal eastern province in the Red River Delta region of northern Vietnam, named after the Vietnamese name for the Pacific Ocean.
Keo Pagoda Festival
Thai Binh is located in the North Vietnam Plains and Midlands; it is the only province in Vietnam that does not have a mountain in its territory. It is bordered by Haiphong, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ha Nam, and Nam Dinh. The coast line is 53 km long with large estuaries, seaports, and sand beaches. The main ethnic group in the area is Kinh.
Cultural Heritage and Tourism
Thai Binh is home to 86 relics at national level and 400 provincial relics.Coming to Thai Binh, tourists enjoy visiting inshore sandbanks where rare birds stops, seeing natural beauty in mangrove forest, swimming in Dong Chau Beach, and joining interesting traditional festivals like Dong Xam Temple Festival (1st to 3rd of the 4th lunar month) and Keo Pagoda Festival (15th day of the 9th lunar month). Well-known culture constructions are Dong Bang, Tien La temples, and Keo Pagoda. There are many valuable votive objects and beautiful three-storey bell tower in Keo Pagoda. Various flowers and fruits in Bach Thuan Garden Village also attract many visitors every year.

This province is rich of traditional handicraft villages like weave fabric in Phuong La, mat weave in Hoi, silver carve in Dong Xam, copper casting in An Long, lace embroider in Minh Lang, cay cake making in Nguyen Xa. The most famous sites include the Keo Pagoda, Dong Bang Temple, and Tien La Temple.
Performing Arts
Thai Binh is the homeland of hat cheo opera (in Khuoc village, Phong Chau commune, Đong Hung District) and Water puppetry (in Nguyen Xa commune, Đong Hung District). Thái Bình people are noted for their practical and clever character.
Visitors are able to enjoy many folk songs, festival games in traditional festivals such as water puppet in Nguyen Xa, cheo song in Khuoc, fish and duck catching, rice cooking competition and squib contests.