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Wedding custom of the Van Kieu ethnic group

June 18, 2015          1735 views
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(Cinet)- Wedding of the Van Kieu ethnic group is a cultural custom for the two families and for the whole village.
The Van Kieu usually choose an even date for the wedding ceremony, preferring the 6th, 8th, 10th, 16th, or 18th of the last months or beginning months of the year.
Although their living conditions and costumes have evolved, the Van Kieu ethnic group has preserved a number of cultural values and norms of their group. Customarily, the groom’s offering for the bride on the wedding day includes a copper pot, a silver coin, and a sword.
The boy and girl inform their families of their relationship and prepare a wedding after a period of dating.
Only when the groom hands over the sword to the bride, can the bride leave her house for the groom’s house. The sword-handing-over ceremony is an important wedding ritual which symbolizes connection between the husband and wife.
The groom’s family prefers to bring the bride home in the evening because they think that’s the time the genies of the river and mountain are with the villagers. The bride walks into the groom’s house through the main gate.

The Van Kieu ethnic group has a custom of organize two wedding ceremonies. The second ceremony, with similar procedures and offerings as the first, aims to enhance marital relations.
After the wedding day, the mother-in-law teaches the young couple family etiquette. The mother tells the young couple about production, lifestyle, and how to behave with old and young people in the family. She also tells them how to welcome and prepare meals to serve guests.
Wedding guests give the couple round glutinous rice cakes and pieces of cloth. Besides beautiful wishes of happiness, longevity, and eternal love, they also sing happy folk songs.


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