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The Gong Performance Festival of the Muong Ethnic People

January 16, 2008          1531 views

When mentioning art performance, production and cultural life of the Muong people, it is impossible to forget to mention the Gong, which is a kind of musical instrument reflecting cultural features and life conception of the Muong ethnic minority group.

The Muong people have to exchange buffalo or cow to have the Gong. The Gong is the most valuable dowry that parents give to their daughter on her wedding day.

The Muong people use the Gong on such days as Tet (the lunar New Year’s days), wedding, funeral, the inauguration ceremony of new house, festivals, etc

Annually, the Department of Culture and Information of Phu Tho organizes the Gong performance festival over the province. The festival is the chance for the Gong players’ teams of mountainous villages to give a common cultural character. Muong’s girls wearing their costume clothing beating the Gong and dancing around the fire have become one of the most special character of the Muong’s culture in particular and the Vietnamese culture in general.

Source: PT Trade & Tourism