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Quang Trung Festival

September 20, 2008          1122 views

Every year, on the fifth of the first Lunar Month, when the peach tree is in full bloom, Hanoians march toward Đống Đa Mount, in south-western Hanoi to remember the dead and to celebrate Quang Trung's victory. It was the site of a historic victory by the forces of Emperor Quang Trung over the northern invaders in 1789.

On the night of the 4th morning the 5th of the first lunar month 1789 (29/30 January 1789) the enemy's post in Khương Thượng was knocked down. The governor of the prefecture of Sầm Nghi Đống temple hung himself and the commander in chief, Tôn Sĩ Nghị, was so panic stricken that he dropped his official seal. Đống Đa Mount has become one of the national, glorious, historical vestiges where hundreds of thousands of Thanh soldiers were killed.
After the death of Quang Trung and his dynasty, in the mid-19 century, people of the two villages, Nam Đồng and Thịnh Quang, dedicated a pagoda called Đồng Quang, opposite the Mount, to the Emperor Quang Trung and his people’s victory. Since then, on the fifth of the first month every year a ceremony is held in the pagoda. After the liberation of Hanoi, the municipal government chose Đống Đa Mount to hold the ceremony for the victory.
Time after time, the ceremony becomes a great and important festival with different games, the most well-known ones are dragon dances performed by fellows in the old designed clothes accompanied by a group of marshal art performers. They burnt oil-wet chains of straw as if they were attacking the enemy's citadels.
On the same day, at Đồng Quang Pagoda people go to worship their relatives who died in the battle. At the same time a ceremony of offering "cháo" (thin soup) to the Mãn Thanh soldiers who died in the same battle is carried out. This is a show of humanity.


Source: hanoitourism.gov.vn



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