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The Lord Giong festival (Phu Dong festival)

November 05, 2007          2339 views

This is the biggest festival in Northern delta, big in number of participated people, in scale, in time, space as well as in its man. Because this festival re-act about the old story, in which talk about how the Giong was fought and defeated the aggressors An.

Temple  Phu Dong (1957)Temple Phu Dong (1957)

Up to century XI, King Ly permitted Phu Dong villagers get up a temple to worship saint Giong and hold festival for reminding old victory.

Giong festival started from the sixth April by festival of marching in a procession of water, all generals will be attending. Ai Lao guild take the lead.

On the 8th re-march 28 woman generals, select the first; second general of each sub-hamlet.

The 9th is main day of Giong festival. For beginning of the festival, they march flag from Mau (mother) to Thuong (upper) temple, when the fire-crackers will be burn out, corps of Giong will perform their ranks and army jerks follow beat of drum, gong. Their dance guild of Ai Lao will perform game hunting and rounding up tiger.


The 10th is a day for reviewing troops and inspecting armament, also holding an worship for thanking for a favour of Giong and holding a reception, festival of releasing 26 enemy’s generals. The enemy’s generals offer precious thing to the Giong’s altar.

On the 11th there is a worship for washing festival that is a form of marching in a procession of water to the temple to wash armament offering and armament.

On the 12th march in a procession of pitching flag to see there are whether any surviving rebels on the battle. In the evening, Ai Lao guild dance and sing Lac Thanh song to extol the triumph.

Giong festival is a festival to their longingly of history, culture and the myth. So, symbolism, stylism are given prominence to and enjoyed and inherited completely by many generations.

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