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Tra Vinh fishing festival recognized as national intangible heritage

June 09, 2014          1188 views

(Cinet)- My Long Sea Worshipping Festival is an annual cultural activity of fishermen in Tra Vinh to recognize as intangible cultural heritage.

The festival at My Long beach in Cau Ngang District is meant to offer fishermen's thanks to the Sky, Earth, Sea, and ancestors and pray for rains and a bumper fish catch.

The traditional festival is held from the 10 th to the 12 th of the fifth lunar month every year in My Long town. It is a chance for local fishermen to express their gratitude towards the Sky, Earth, Sea and their ancestors, and pray for good weather and bumper fish hauls.

Thousands of fishermen and local residents from Tra Vinh and the Mekong Delta coastal provinces have flocked to the annual festival to show their gratitude to Ca Ong.

The three-day festival has been maintained over the last 94 years and includes ceremonies and offerings to seek fair winds and good luck at sea. It also features fairs, art performances, folk games, and sports competitions.

The festival aims to introduce the local culture to people both in and outside of Vietnam, thus promoting tourism development in the locality.



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