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Ethnic Culture-Sports Festival in the mountainous area of Quang Nam

July 30, 2014          1417 views

(Cinet)- Quang Nam Province opened the ceremony for 18th Ethnic Culture-Sports Festival themed “Festival voice” on July 29.

18th Ethnic Culture-Sports Festival in the mountainous area of Quang Nam is a chance to honour cultural heritage of ethnic minority group.

The festival consists of over 1500 athletes including ethnic people of Co Tu, Xo Dang, Cor, Ca Dong, Gie Trieng… in 09 mountainous areas.
Many activities took place such as gong performance, fashion show, cuisine festival of the ethnic minority group. In particular, it is the first time that the festival turns wedding ritual into the festival.

Also, many activities of sports such as football, volleyball, climbing, tug of war.. are some games to encourage people to participate into the event.

The Organization also organizes a display and exhibition of photo and object about history, culture and traditional craft products of the community in Quang Nam.

According to Mr. Dinh Hai, a manager of Quang Nam Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the festival is organized every four years as a chance for everyone to develop love of the country and enhance cultural activities to increase more health and improve spiritual life . From that, the event contributes to launch a campaign “ All people unite into building cultural life”.