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Trieu Khuc Festival

September 15, 2008          1716 views

Triều Khúc village or Ke Do village is located in Tân Triều commune, Thanh Trì district.

In the past Kẻ Đợ was famous for nón quai thao (a kind of hat for women). Today it is famous for embroidery and objects of worship, such as parasols and  curtains which were invented by Lord Vu. Every year, villagers organise a festival to honour Lord Vu and a martial arts event depicting the King Phung Hung's battle.

Trieu Khuc festival runs from the 9th to the 12th day of the first lunar month in Đình Lớn.
The Trieu Khuc wrestling arena attracts a lot of wrestlers from nearby areas such as Bắc Ninh, Gia Lam, Mai Dong and so on. The dragon dance in Trieu Khuc festival is authentic with traditional characteristics because it is said to originate from the King Phung Hung's period. Thus, every year they invite the Trieu Khuc's dragon dancers to perform in the Dong Da Festival.
The 12th day of first lunar month is the final day of the festival. On this day, "lễ rã đám" (a final ceremony) is held and concluded by a procession of the flag dance. This dance depicts the legend, according to which the King Phùng Hng selected the best person to drive out the enemy.
At the end of the official ceremony, people sit down on the mats and eat "lộc thánh" (the God's food and fruit) drink wine and eat "trau" (betel). The celebration is very joyful and villagers pray for health, prosperity and a bumper harvest.


Source: hanoitourism.gov.vn



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