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Hon Chen Temple Festival, Hue Festivals

November 25, 2008          903 views

The Hon Chen Temple Festival is organized twice every year, in the 3rd and the 7th lunar months.

The festival takes place at the Hon Chen temple, 10 km west of Hue. It starts with a procession referred to as the God Welcoming ceremony; it is said to bring all the worshipped Gods from the village’s temples and shrines to the communal house where various rituals are performed, including the procession in honour of Saint Mother Thien Y A Na.
The procession takes place at night with a long line of boats bound together into bigger rafts, on the
Perfume River shining with myriad of lights.
The Hon Chen Temple Festival includes a performance filled with imperial characters. Actors dressed in clothes with splendid turbans and tunics look like princes and princesses of the Nguyen dynasty. These shows take place in the natural settings of mountains, hills, and rivers. This Antique Museum of Nature also shows flags, fans, hammocks, umbrellas, weapons, and offerings that visitors would be unable to see.

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