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2013 Khau Vai Love Market Festival opens

May 13, 2013          1147 views

(Cinet) - The 2013 Khau Vai Love Market Culture-Tourism Week opened on May 04 in Meo Vac district, the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang.

A variety of activities will be seen in the festival including a show of traditional costumes of the ethnic minorities living in the province, goat, cow and nightingale fighting festivals, a performance describing the rain worshipping ritual of the Lo Lo ethnic minority people, and an incense offering at the two temples in Khau Vai commune.

Other cultural activities and folk fames will also be held during the week such as the banh day (round cake) making contest of the Nung ethnic group and linen weaving competition of the Mong ethnic minority people.
The annual Khau Vai Love Market is opened for people from the ethnic minority groups in Ha Giang province to meet and exchange each other. It attracts a large number of both domestic and foreign visitors.
Khau Vai commune, located in Meo Vac district, the northernmost province of Ha Giang, is home to ethnic minority groups of Giay, Nung and Muong. The festival features food and drink culture, song performances and folk games. Ethnic costumes, jewelery, ethnic musical instruments, culture and art publications are on display at the market, reflecting activities of the local people.

The week will last until May 6.