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Cultural – Tourism Festival of Dinh Thay Thim 2015

October 28, 2015          1383 views
The cultural – tourism festival of Dinh Thay Thim . Photo: Internet.
(Cinet)- The cultural – tourism festival of Dinh Thay Thim 2015 officially opened on October 26. This is one of the traditional folk festivals, which highlights the cultural identity of coastal fishermen in Binh Thuan province.

The opening ceremony was completed with art performances introducing new compositions about Thay and Thim presented by artists from Ho Chi Minh City.
In his opening speech, Mr.Ton That Muon - Vice Chairman of La Gi People’s Committee and the Chief Organizer of this festival, stated that Dinh Thay Thim is not merely a traditional cultural folk festival, but also a cultural - historical event organized to commemorate merits and virtues of ancestors through the past 150 years. The festival and the legend about Thay and Thim are priceless properties of local residents in Tam Tan village, La Gi town in particular and of Binh Thuan province in general. This year, the festival is also organized to celebrate 18 years since Thay Thim Palace were recognized as national historical – cultural relic (1997 - 2015) and the 20th Binh Thuan Tourism Day (24/10/1995 - 24/10/2015)
Dinh Thay Thim Festival 2015, lasting from takes place from 26th to 28th October includes many traditional rituals like “Nghinh than”, procession of bringing Decree and Certifitcate of Recognition of the relic, “nhap dien an vi”, “thi thuc phat loc”,  “thinh sanh”, anniversary of ancestors’ death and worshipping soldiers. Besides, there are many cultural and sporting activities such as performance of human chess match (people take the place of chess pieces), dragon and lion dances, contest of making cake, carrying baskets to the sea, walking with a carrying pole full of fish, tug of war, mending fishing nets, exhibition of models describing the legend of Thay and Thim, traditional art performances.
According to reports, each year Dinh Thay Thim Festival attracts more than 200.000 arrivals to Thay Thim Palace to pay homage, offer incense, and many of them would combine their pilgrim with tours of sightseeing and relaxation in La Gi town.




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