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Khmer people’s Ok-Om-Bok festival

November 21, 2015          1705 views
(Cinet)- Ok Om Bok, the Khmer people's annual festival of worshipping the moon has been organized in southern Tra Vinh province from November 20 to 25. 
Ok Om Bok, the Khmer people's annual festival of worshipping the moon, opens today in Tra Vinh City in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Tra Vinh. The Ok Om Bok festival, falling on 15th day of the tenth lunar month, is one of the three main festivals that the Khmer celebrate every year. It is a chance for the Khmer to show their gratitude to the Moon Goddess for giving them a bumper harvest and rich aquatic sources.
The two-day festival begins with a ngo boat race, a traditional boat of the Khmer shaped like a Naga snake, on the Long Binh River.
Khmer traditional sports, games and cuisine will be featured at the Ao Ba Om Cultural and Tourism Park over two days. The province will host “ngo” boat (local traditional boat) races between teams from local districts and communes on November 24. Meanwhile, a motor racing event will be organised by the Vietnam Federation of Bicycle and Motorbike Sports the next day. 
A fair on trade, industry and agriculture takes place as part of the festival at the province’s Culture Centre. It is intended to promote trade and establish business links between enterprises from Tra Vinh and other localities, paving the way for local economic development and expanding export markets. 
Additionally, a fair of signature products by Khmer people is held in Ao Ba Om (Madam Om Pond) historical and cultural relic site in Tra Vinh, alongside many other sport events and folk games. 
Each village organises their own festival in the courtyards of their local pagodas, while the large provincial festival is held at Ba Om pond cultural relic site. The festival features a number of entertainment opportunities, including art performances, traditional sports challenges and folk games. 




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