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The Ba Den Mountain Spring Festival

February 07, 2016          2803 views
(Cinet)- The Ba Den Mountain Spring Festival is an annual event which is organized during the first month of a lunar year. Even so, the main ceremonies are carried out on the 18th night and the 19th day of that month.  It is not only a religious event but it is also a token of the deep cultural values of Tay Ninh.
On the days of the festival, the monks of highest ranks in Ba Den Temple carry out the Moc Duc Ceremony at midnight, when the amount of light in the main hall is lowest. As Moc Duc means “To bathe the Godess”, the monks use incense-imbued towels to wash the statue of the Black Virgin. The water used in this ceremony is made from lotus, jasmine, cinnamon, etc. The washing procedure is then carried out by young girls. Dressing in the most beautiful costumes like those of a princess, they dance in pair and slowly walk into the hall while the ceremony music is being played in the background. After that, they carefully wash and change the costume of the statue. When everything is done, the monks worship the Goddess, asking for her protection and care before announcing the official beginning of the festival.
The Ba Den Mountain has long been a symbol of Tay Ninh. It has always held an important position in the history of the region and the country. The Spring Festival of Ba Den Mountain is not only a religious event but it is also a token of the deep cultural values of Tay Ninh. The festival is also a place in which the younger generations can socialize and learn about the older generations. As a result, the Nui Ba Historical and Cultural Complex has been receiving many visitors from many parts of the country and the world every year.
Source of photos: TITC



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