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Ba Trieu Temple festival

February 21, 2008          2572 views

Madam Trieu is also named as Trieu Thi Trinh, Trieu Au. She was born on October 2nd in 226 in Quan Yen district, Cuu Tran prefecture (present-day Yen Dinh).

At the age of 19, she fervently declared: " I want to ride over strong wind, sail over strong waves, hunt fierce fish off the East Sea coast and chase the Ngo invaders out of the country, regain independence, shatter slavery, but will never give in to become a concubine". Sticking to those words, she recruited young men and women from far and wide and trained them into soldiers under her leadership. In 248, she led an uprising against the Ngo invaders rule and killed the Chinese governor.

Temples to commemorate her scatter all over the country, and in some places, local people worship her as "Ba Chua Thuong Ngan". Lasting 6 days from the 19th to 24th of the second lunar month, the yearly festival traverses a wide area. The procession starts at Ba Trieu's Temple to her Tomb and finally reaches the local villages communal house. Moc Duc ceremony (or Statute Wash) is celebrated on the 18th or 19th of the second lunar month. Phung Nghinh Offering is aimed at inviting the Queen and the Court to her death anniversary. Bong procession embraces the ritual procedures to be observed when carrying the Queens incense pot from the main temple to her royal tomb to the village communal yard, where the play "Ngo- Trieu in battle" is performed with a lot of excitement. At noon, the lunch will be served entirely with cold dishes in remembrance of the dry rations that Lady Trieus soldiers had to eat during battles. But when it comes to dinner, a variety of mouth-watering dishes will be served, depicting victory feasts among soldiers after winning a battle.
Adding to the excitement of the event are various activities namely wrestling, string-climbing, rice cooking, Chinese chess competitions and others.

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